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Blades the puppet master & Blade
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
I'm very good at drawing and i want the world to see my art hope you guys and girls like my art.I'm in high school:).I love drawing. I have a you tube channel. I'm Blade The Puppet Master & Blade (link is down below). I love making you tube videos as much as i love drawing and fnaf. Five Nights at Freddy's is my favorite video game. I love FNAF. I have 20,000 fleets of senpia's (I'm exaggerating I actually don't know how many senpias I have -_-). My fnaf senpias are nightmare, nightmare Fredbear, nightmare Freddy, Springtrap, Freddy Fazbear, Golden Freddy, Toy Freddy, plushtrap, and the freddles. All the animatronics are my favorite. I love scary movies. And i play Over watch. And my favorite phases to say are bam what and just don't question the logic cause if you do it'll just fall apart.Oh and I forgot to mention I'm a TFPBH fan my decepticon guardians are Soundwave and Shockwave. I,m a cyber feline, I'm Soundwave. I'm a decepticon. I'm also a fan of Pokemon. My favorite Pokemon is Darkrai. I play overwatch my favorite character is Reaper. My main overwatch characters that I play as: Reaper, Soldier 76, Baston, D'va, Reinhardt, and Sombra (my favorite characters are the main characters I play as). I love the Sonic the hedgehog series my favorite characters are shadow the hedgehog, sonic the hedgehog, and metal sonic. And I'm a fan of the following youtube channels: Markaplier, Jacksepticeye, Dan TDM The Diamond Minecart, Popular MMO'S, Piemations, all4tubekids, Samgladiator, Gizzy Gazza, TheFearRaiser, StampyLonghead, Mango Tango, emgo316, ethgoesboom, rye-rye99, Cavemanfilms, itsmellslikehonor, Red Hatter, DAGames, terrordactyal1, and Taurtis. I'm fan of anime.
Here be me list of favorite anime yar har har: Inuyasha, DBZ (Dragonball Z for those who don't know the aberevation for it), Yu-Gi-Oh, Hellsing the anime, Hellsing Ultimate, Alice in the Kingdom of Hearts, Pokemon, Digimon Tamers, Digimon Frontier, Digimon Digital Monsters X-Evolutions, Digimon Fusion, and Brave Police J-decker. Here lay animes that I don't like: Black Butler, and Assanation Classroom. I play Dragons Online, Raptors Online, Wolves Online, Dinos Online, pixel gunner 3d, wild animals online. The following are name I go by on the games i listed above: Dragons Online: Ghostface pack Scream Slasher/rake pack creepypasta/scary dagger pack assassinscreed/pack puppet master/pack teamfortress/pack decepticons/ Medic tf2 red pack team fortress/ soundwave pack decepticons,
Raptors Online: Ezio, Wolves Online: RoboKnight, Dinos Online: Velcie: Blade thePuppet, Dilophasaur: Blade thepuppet, ovie: Blade thepuppet, Compy: Blade thepuppet, Pixel gunner 3d: Medic Tf2 red 901, wild animals online: wolf: Hellhoun/ fox: BlHowler/ hyena: deathcat. I'm a fan of hellsing my favorite character are the following: Captain Hans Gunsche, Alucard, Seras Victoryia, Schrodinger, Rip Van Wrinkle, Sir Integera Fairbrooks Wingates Hellsing, Pip, and Walter. You can also find me on guotev theres a link down below. And I love slasher films and scary movies. Here is a list of my favorite movies and characters from them: Scream-Ghostface, Friday The 13-Jason Voorhees, Halloween-Michael Myers, Saw-Billy the Puppet, the Puppet Master-Blade. I'm a Assassin's Creed fan Altair and Ezio are my favorite assassins. And I a fan of team fortress2 my characters are as shown (also my main characters to play as on tf2): medic, sniper, spy, pyro. I also have a tablet the games i have on it are dragons online: soundwave pack transformers, raptors online: soundwave, wolves online: soundwave, dinos online: compy: soundwave/ raptor: ghost/ oviraptor: soundwave/ dilo: soundwave, transformers earth battles: shcksound99, pixel gunner 3d: soundwavedecepticons9. And the rest of the things I love plz read the stamps and buttons

I'm A Puppet Master by PsychoSlaughterman Hellsing Stamp 5 by Wilmsy Millenium Group Stamp by Wilmsy Hellsing Bat :Stamp: by LauNachtyr
Captain stamp by fireheart1001 Assassin's Creed II stamp by iamadem Assassins Creed Stamp by cojocea2010 Assassin's Creed by Daakukitsune
Altair Assassin's Creed Stamp by thatfire-stock Assassin's Creed Stamp by KivuliMwitu I'm A Screamer by PsychoSlaughterman I'm A Jason Junkie by PsychoSlaughterman
I'm A Michael Maniac by PsychoSlaughterman Stamp - Blade 1 by indigosith Overwatch Stamp by CthulhuNoodles Stamp 1 by BritTFA Billy the puppet stamp. by CeriseThePanda billy by axyine Saw series IX stamp by Raephen I'm A JigSaw Apprentice by PsychoSlaughterman Mark Wahlberg is wearing a hat by PsychoMonkeyShogun AVP by Mistress-Cara AVP Stamp by AlienVPredator AVP FAN stamp by athyn100 TF2 Medic Stamp by MrEchoAngel Sniper+Medic Stamp 2 by ZhouTaisDayOff SniperMedic1 by ZhouTaisDayOff Sniper+Medic Stamp by ZhouTaisDayOff Medic + Nazi Hat by ZhouTaisDayOff TF: MTMTE - Tarn x Kaon Stamp by whitenoize

heres a link to my DA family……

the stamps i use belongs to these wonderful deviants:
Wilmsy 2
PsychoSlaughterman 5
BritTFA moved to hellokittydemon
ZhouTaisDayOff 4


6 deviations
n19htmare-bear Moments ago  Hobbyist Artist
Demo: 0-0;
Scout: uh 
Spy: *facepalms*
Sniper: oi ye biters stop that
Heavy: *grabs soldier*
Medic: *trys to punch Soldier*
me: *tackles medic* STOP NOW!!! 
Soldier: he started it
me: Medic's Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon) Hellsing Hellsing Hellsing Hellsing 
Soldier: eep scared.... 'the 2nd' 
Medic: eep scared.... 'the 2nd' 
me: I DON'T CARE WHO STARTED IT IM GOING TO FINISH IT *stomps foot on the ground hard enough to cause the ground to shake* Hellsing Hellsing blood hellsing Hellsing Medic's Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon) 
Medic and Soldier: eep Hold me... I'm scared. 

n19htmare-bear 19 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
me: *walks by is a little sad and depressed about losing another match even though i hadn't been killed once I had gotten chased by the blu scout, pyro, medic, and demo, almost got backstabed by the blu spy, had to dodges bullets from the blu heavys mini gun, almost got shot in the head by the blu sniper, had to find a sneaky way around the blu egineer and his sentry, almost got blown up by the blu soldier so in short basically the intire blu team tryed to kill me*
medic: *leaves the room nursing a bruis that soldier had given him*
soldier: . . . . . *sees me standing by the wall looking at the floor* Sargent Blades how long have u been there and how much did u hear
me: huh what oh hi soldier. i don't know how long I've been standing here. and hear what?
soldier: nothing
me: *looks at the floor seeming a little sad and depressed*
soldier: *looks at me then at the hallway medic went down. goes down the hallway*
medic: *is siting at the table trying to nurse the bruis with out ice*
soldier: *walks in and looks at medic with hurt and sorrow in his eyes*
medic: If u are going to say it is my fault again u are. . . . . *stops short and is surprised*
soldier: *hugs medic and whispers* I'm sorry
medic: . . . . . *hugs back and sods into his shoulder*
soldier: enough of that there is someone we both know who is in need of some attention right now
medic: who needs attention
soldier: blades come on shes in the living room she looks really sad and depressed
medic and soldier both walk into the room
me: *is siting on the floor with my head buryed in my hands and my fingers weaved into my hair*
medic: herr Blades what is wrong 
me: nothing except for the intire blu team almost killing me I should have done better but I wasn't careful enough
medic: it's not your fault blades ve all have been targetted by zhe blu team don't cry or be sad frualin please smile for me thingz are always better vhen u smile
soldier: sargent Blades stand up smile and don't let those MAGGOTS ON BLU TEAM BEAT U. besides your smile aways makes everyone happy you have aways been the strongst of us never leting things get to u away showing your skill and bravery aways glowing with pride and courage u are a true soldier even I look up to u for never leting your emotion control u
me: well except for my temper.
medic: *holds his hand out to me* soldier is right be brave now ve vill show zhe blu team just who zhey are messing vith
me: *takes his hand and stands up* danke herr medic and herr soldier
medic: *pulls me into a hug*
me: *tenses up but relaxes and hugs back*
soldier: *pulls both of us into a bonecrushing hug*
me*tenses up again but soon relaxes and accepts the hug* thank you 

me: *is hanging upside down from rafters with a camera and a very fan girlish look in my eyes* lol he doesn't see me up here heeheehee
spy: *looks up and sees me* um
me: *shakes head* no don't do it spy don't u dare *still thinks im safe up here*
spy: *walks out of room with this face Surprised (t'other way round) *
me: *thinks* yes safe
*something hits wall hard enough to cause the intire building to shake*
medic: hum vhat vas zhat *looks around*
*building gets hit again and shakes again*
me: *falls from rafters* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhscreaming freaked out emote 
medic: *looks up* Blades 
me: *lands on medic and rolls off to the side and hits head on a box* oooooowwwwww Hurt 
medic: ow Blades *rubs head*
me: *doesn't responed just lies there on the floor with dazed and distant look on my face*
medic: Blades responed
me: *appears to be dead* Dead BHB Emote Tombstone Headstone Dead RIP 
medic: Blades wake up vhy vere u in zhe rafters *my camera hits him in the head and then hits the ground and shatters into pieces* ow
me: *hears the camera shatter gets up* NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY CAMERA Shocked cries :,(
medic: vhy do u have a camera
me: trying to take a selfi upside down it failed 
medic: oh i'm so sorry about your camera
me: i'm going to rip apart the one who made the building shake THAT PERSON IS SO DEAD :angry: Medic's Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon) Tf2 Soldier angry Grr All the raeg av  *gathers the broken pieces of my camera*
medic: *gets up and hugs me* I'll get jyou a new camera 
me: thxs medic *hugs back* now I'm going to destroy the one who caused me to drop my camera
medic: so your going to rage var I vant to see zhat *follows me out of the building*
me: *walks out of the building and almost gets tackled by a robot* 
robot: *sees the look in my eyes* scared.... 'the 2nd' Scared 
me: was it u who caused the building to shake
robot: y yesScared Fluttershy 
robot: Run Away      
me: *chases the robot with my Battle ax and combat knife* :scream  
and thats why u shouldn't break my camera and nows heres a ghostface from scream chasing somebody :scream   i love this emoji

n19htmare-bear Moments ago  Hobbyist Artist
me: *wakes by and sees scout* hey scout wassup buging the medic again
scout: *looks at me with the face he has on the last panel* look *points at medic*
me: *looks at medic* so what hes asleep 
scout: look again
me: *looks again* oh . . . . . Archimedes
Archimedes: *pokes head out of medics shirt* coo
me: see no worrys its just Archimedes
scout: . . . . . I out *walks off* 
me: *watches him go* I don't get what the big deal is *yawns*
Archimedes: coo
me: *falls asleep standing cause is really tired* -.-zzz 
Archimedes: coo
me: *falls down* CRASH *is still asleep* zzzzzzzzz
medic: *wakes up cause of loud crash* vhat vas zhat archimedes u silly dove 
me: zzzz
medic: *looks at half open door and sees me asleep on the floor* Blades vhy are sleeping on the floor in zhe hallway
sniper and spy: *both wake by and stop* Blades
medic: sniper, spy help me get her in here
me: *growls in sleep*
spy: *grabs my arm* yeesh mon amie your heavy
sniper: *grabs my other arm* oi your heavy mate
both: *drag me into the room and put me on a couch*
medic: *puts a blanket on me* danke mein freunde

  • Drinking: mountain dew

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